Sorrento Peninsula

Sorrento and the Sorrentine Peninsula -Travel guide, reviews and photos of Sorrento Italy

The Sorrento Peninsula and the glamorous city Sorrento


The picturesque town of Sorrento is located on a peninsula between the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples. Looking towards the south one has a beautiful view of the beautiful Gulf of Salerno and the world famous Amalfi Coast, with its towns built into the picturesque cliffs. Looking northwards one has a view of the Gulf of Naples including an amazing and unique view of the metropolis Naples submontane the imposing slopes of the volcano Mount Vesuvius as well as a view of the island Capri right in the Gulf of Naples. The Sorrento Peninsula rises almost vertically from the sea, and the small bays along the stunning cliffs of the Peninsula offer wonderful places to swim.



Natural oasis and Dolce Vita in Italy!


The Sorrento Peninsula amazes with an idyllic scenery, just a few miles away from the vibrant city of Naples. Olive trees, oranges, lemons and sweet vegetable gardens on terraces settle snuggly  against the cliffs and mountains and spread a lovely fragrance. For more than 200 years visitors have been attracted to this beautiful piece of land with the stunning views of the Gulf of Naples and the wonderful island of Capri, which is located right offshore the peninsula.

Sorrento is located on a plateau that rises up 50 meters straight from the sea. The cliffs are lined with patrician mansions, ostentatious hotels of past centuries and Mediterranean townhouses, spreading an elegant and at the same Mediterranean charm.


Sorrento - a jewel on the coast of Italy


Sorrento and the Peninsula are densely populated, but little picturesque gardens and many Mediterranean plants are found everywhere between the rows of houses and let the city shine in bright colors.

In Sorrento the colorful and ornately decorated buildings of past decades were preserved and so the city was able to keep its unique flair that attracted cultural travellers and spa patients from all over Europe already in the 19th century. Of course new buildings and modern hotels can yet be found today in the suburbs, but they do not disrupt the romantic townscape.

During the low season Sorrento is escpecially beautiful , when the streets are not filled with tourists, the oranges seem to glow in the gardens between the houses and the mild climate ensures a comfortable warmth yet no heat. Enjoy the authenticity and the Dolce Vita in one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Italy!