Sorrento Typical delicacies, wine, traditional meals and Limoncello - All about the best food and wine in Sorrento

Regional delicacies from the Sorrento Peninsula


Traditional Cuisine

In Sorrento you will find many fine restaurants offering local cuisine, delicious Mediterranean dishes as well as international dishes.
Try the Mediterranean fish dishes, the delicious, often homemade pasta or the crispy pizza traditionally baked in a wood stove. We especially recommended you to try the local sweets with lemons from the region. Try the traditional lemon-sponge cake, the lemon cream and of course the famous Limoncello liqueur!
But the lemon products are certainly not the only delicacies Sorrento has to offer. You should also try the excellent olive oil, harvested and pressed in the Sorrento area. The local cheese, the "Provolone del Monaco" is a true culinary delight, with its intense and spicy flavor. The cheese is made from mozzarella and hazelnuts from the region, but is of a solid consistence and has more taste than the classic mozzarella.

Wines for connoisseurs

A nice souvenir for family and friends back home is the delicious, very sweet lemon liqueur - the famous Limoncello. It comes originally from this region and is popular worldwide.
But not only liqueur, but also the wine of the area is phenomena you should not miss to try with a delicious dinner: the "Lettere", the "Gragnano" and the "Sorrento".


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