Island Ischia

The island of Ischia - Spas and southern Italian flair in the Gulf of Naples

Ischia - the green island of volcanic origin with gorgeous beaches


North of Capri you’ll find the largest island in the Bay of Naples - the green, volcanic island of Ischia. As you approach the island from the blue sea, the striking castle hill, offshore the island, catches the eye. The old walls of the Castello Aragonese majestically stand on the cliffy volcanic rocks above the sea, yet even here, among this fortress of stone and rock olive trees, cacti and palms grow, and allow the visitors to imagine already at first sight the natural beauty of the island.

The island is easy to reach as boats and ferries leave the port of Naples and also the port of Sorrento on a regularly basis, therefore one can easily schedule a day trip to Ischia during a stay in Sorrento. One should, however, leave Sorrento early in the morning for the volcanic island, in order to have enough time for visiting this rather large island with its 34 km ².

There are six villages in Ischia, Ischia (with the districts of Porto and Ponte), Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno, Forio, Serrara Fontana and Barano d'Ischia. Most tourist attractions are located in the main village of Ischia, yet the small fishing village Lacco Ameno is maybe the most famous and exclusive resort on the island with its  timeless Mediterranean flair and elegance and the beautiful beaches.

Only few people live in the interior of the island, as the 800 meter high Mount Epomeo with its lush slopes covers most of the countryside. Here in the middle of the island and also on the west and north coast one encounters mainly farms, because the volcanic soil provides ideal conditions for growing wine and fresh Mediterranean vegetables and fruits.


Relaxing spas and wonderful beaches


The numerous hot springs have made Ischia famous. Guests from around the world visit Ischia every year, not only to enjoy the sun at the beaches, but also to relax in the pleasant thermal baths.

Thanks to the volcanic origins of the island, these bubbling springs can be found in many parts of this green island Ischia and thus it is a perfect place for spa fans and visitors looking forward to complete regeneration. There are 5 large spas on the island. The most famous and beautiful spa is located in the Poseidon Gardens. Lava rocks, sandy beaches and amazing Mediterranean flora surround the many hot spring pools and make a visit to this spa a heavenly experience.

Ischia offers even more than green, Mediterranean landscape. Impressive tufa formations and hot springs make this island unique. The island also offers various cultural attractions.


Ancient history and culture in Ischia


Ischia was settled very early in time. The ancient Greeks discovered the fertile island as early as the 8th century BC. The greek settlement Pithekoussai on Ischia was an active trading point. The famous "Nestor cup" was also found on this island. The Nestor cup is a vase dating back to the 8th century BC, with an inscription referring to Homer's Iliad, and it is the oldest inscription of Greek script found on Italian soil. The Nestor Cup can be admired in the archeological museum of the island, where many more interesting examples of the Greek era are exhibited.

Culturally and architecturally most interesting is the Aragonese Castle offshore the village Ischia Ponte. A 200 meter long bridge connects the castle hill with the main village of the island. On this so strategically located rock fortifications were built for centuries, but the impressive castle, which can be visited today was built under the rule of the Aragonese in the 15th century. In this huge fortress you can visit some more or less well-preserved royal apartments, a monastery, tombs, several chapels and the remains of a cathedral. Below the Cattedrale dell 'Assunta is a beautiful crypt.

In summer, when the Festival di Musica Arte e Spettacolo ("Music, Art and Theatre Festival") is held within the castle’s walls, the ancient walls lights up in full glory and create a charming and fascinating atmosphere.

After visiting the castle you should take a walk through the lovely and authentic village Ischia with the many narrow streets, pastel-colored facades, charming craft shops and the hustle and bustle at the port, where fishing boats line up next to luxury yachts.


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